This blog is 500 words of me telling you why you’re not strategic enough with your IT.

If you’re reading this and thinking it doesn’t apply to you, think again – you’re probably not as strategic as you think

It’s time to help your IT team become more strategic and less tactical, so they can stop fighting fires and struggling to keep technology running and start focusing on the big picture. 

Why you’re not as strategic as you think 

Can you really tell me that you (and your team) haven’t gotten bogged down lately, picking up support tickets, worrying about updates and remote working, getting involved in tasks you shouldn’t be? Can you honestly tell me that your senior IT staff aren’t losing 90% of their working week to the same tasks?  

All of this means you’re likely making decisions based on fixing immediate problems, or trying to create short-term gains. 

How do I get back to thinking strategically? 

Start remembering that it’s not all about cost, it’s about ROI – IT needs to be about future proofing, creating agility and security, and understanding the direction your industry is heading (if I could predict this for you I would, but this article’s wordcount won’t stretch that far). 

It’s about solving future problems, not just today’s problems – it’s easy to hunt for the fastest option that provides ROI right now, but you might need to think about what happens in three years, five years, or even further. You need to think about adapting and protecting. 

Focus on creating great foundations with IT & tech that you can build on, so you can take advantage of innovations as and when they come.

Enough talk – here’s my top tips:


Some of this may feel obvious, but I’m not really trying to teach anything new here – just remind you of what you already know. 

If you found this useful, I’m releasing another blog soon – this time with more of a practical focus on how you should start planning for modern management, and how you can actually get some strategic planning down on paper. 

In the meantime we’ve released our internal modern management framework to help you get started – check it out here.

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