On premise virtual machine for Azure Automation DSC

Here at PowerONPlatforms, we decided to have a play with Azure Automation on the Microsoft Azure Portal. One of the cool features  is the ability to have an on-premise virtual machine as a DSC node.

The following steps go through how to create a DSC node from your on-premise environment as a resource for your Accounts.

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09 Oct 2015


For this example you’ll need to allow your desired DSC node outbound access to the internet.


Adding the On-Prem VMs

Microsoft kindly provide us with all the instructions on the Portal. For this example I have one node I’m adding and running everything on this machine.

1. Run Microsoft Azure PowerShell as Administrator.


2. Connect to the Azure Resource Manager.

Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager

3. Supply your Microsoft Azure credentials.

Note: You’ll need to supply your azure credential. I had to temporarily turn off enhanced protection on the server to get the page to display correctly.

3. Download the DSC metaconfiguration for the machine you want to onboard and for the Automation Account to wish to add.

Get-AzureAutomationDscOnboardingMetaconfig -ResourceGroupName  -AutomationAccountName  -ComputerName PONSMA01 -OutputFolder C:\Users\%username%\Desktop


4. Apply the metaconfiguration to the machine.

Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager -Path C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\DscMetaConfigs -ComputerName

5. Go to portal.azure.com and verify your node is available the your good to go!

Originally posted by Rafael Delgado on SysCtr.info

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