There’s a lot of talk right now around the new agreement between NHS Digital and Microsoft focused around delivering M365 (or N365) to organisations within the NHS – but what does it actually involve?

The deadline to sign up for N365 is nearly here, so it’s important to understand the benefits and considerations.

What is the N365 agreement and what are the benefits?

A set of agreed discounted prices between Microsoft and the NHS for Microsoft cloud productivity and security products including:

The agreement will save the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds and enable organisations to keep working towards the goal of digital transformation that allows them to be agile, productive, secure and collaborative. Microsoft and the Department of Health are focused on ensuring the NHS and its staff are empowered to achieve more; the N365 toolset is designed to support the NHS in that goal by:

How Can N365 Help with Security?

If you’re interested in learning more about how N365 can help with EMS and security, how it relates to your environment and the extended/additional options available, we have a video discussing the details.
We run through the above and explain in detail:

We also answer a few specific audience questions around data and security assurance, SSO, VPNs and single vs shared tenancy.

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