We’ve been deploying Always On VPN solutions for many years, and over time we have received a lot of feedback about the manageability of the solution.

The process of manually creating XML files and manually deploying them is in stark contrast to the ease of DirectAccess deployments, and in my opinion a big step back for Microsoft. 

These issues were recently compounded by the Microsoft recommended solution for excluding traffic from AOVPN forced tunnel connections (a common requirement in government scenarios). While there is a script that will automatically modify the XML file, this must be run and then deployed to all clients potentially weekly to keep up to date with Microsoft IP address changes.

This creates a large burden on IT staff who really want to be working on improving the business, not just keeping the VPN working.

Seeing these issues, PowerON developed the Dynamic Profile Creator (DPC) service. This is a Windows service which runs on each client device. It receives configuration via group policy (or other tools which support registry configuration) and generates the profile automatically on the device. This enables easy administrative management, dynamic Active Directory based group management, automatic updating to Office 365 routes and more.

AOVPN DPC is designed to provide the following benefits:

If you’re interested in more details, I’ve also created a video where I walk through the installation process.

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