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Customer Need

Genesis Housing Association is one of the largest developer housing associations in London, that manages around 33,000 homes across London and the South East.

The Challenge

Genesis Housing were looking to secure user access into the Internal LAN, as well as securing down the existing mobile devices that are used within the production estate. Further to this Genesis Housing were keen to begin using technologies such as Single Sign On to begin consolidating identities for the various applications that are being consumed.


Genesis Housing engaged with PowerON to Proof and Pilot Microsoft’s EM+S suite. This would provide them with advanced identity features for the user base, such as Multifactor Authentication and Application Single Sign On. Microsoft Intune was also deployed and configured to allow Genesis Housing the capability of Managing Mobile Devices and Applications.



PowerON were able to help the company:

  • Heighten security for access to corporate applications via the use of MFA
  • Self service approach to password resets for users, lowering the overhead on IT Staff
  • Control and governance over mobile devices and access to corporate resources
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