Are you working to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification?

Cyber Essentials Plus may be a requirement, or it may be a business decision – either way, achieving this next level of security accreditation can boost your reputation, help with new business and provide your IT infrastructure with the right protection from attacks and risk.


Starting the process can be a daunting task, so this webinar explains how you can work towards Cyber Essentials Plus and the best tools for the job – most of which you may already have! 


Nothing to sell here – this is simply actionable advice using your existing toolsets!


Our CTO Steve Beaumont and MD Philip Mercer cover each of the five areas specified under cyber essentials:


They’ll take you through what you need to achieve, the best approaches to take and product sets to support the process. He also talks through processes for robust patch management to meet the 14-day requirement for Cyber Essentials.

Watch the webinar below!

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